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New Paintings: Winter Scenes, Night Skies + Pokemon Painting

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

For those who have followed my work, you may know that I love to paint night skies and winter northern lights scenes. It is so much fun deciding what colors the auroras will be and decide where the trees, lakes and mountains will be.

It's about time to share these paintings since spring is fast approaching! Here are all of the winter-themed paintings that I completed this winter of 2020-2021:

Above: 11x18in, 2021 - Oil on canvas

This one was my most recent painting, and will be coming soon to my Etsy shop. I have yet to give it a name.

This painting was actually started last summer with a completely different color scheme and plan. It was going to be an ocean scene with bright warm colors and a sailboat in the background..well it sat around on my wall unfinished for months before I decided that I was going to completely re-do it.

Above: The "before" version of this painting that sat for about 3 months.

Pokemon Painting - Aloan Sandshrew Winter Scene

The next piece started out as a joke between my husband and I about how cute Aloan Sandshrews would look in a Bob Ross style winter painting. Well.. this one ended up taking a life of its own instead in a northern lights winter scene with an Articuno added at the last moment. This piece was a more personal piece for my husband, so I do not think I will sell the original, but I am considering prints if there is enough interest.

Above: Aloan Sandshrew Winter Scene, 2021 - 9x12in Oil on Canvas

More Northern Lights & Winter Night Sky Paintings From this winter:

"Winter's Enchantment" 2021 - Oil on canvas (sold)

"Bright Night" 2021 - 8x8in Oil on canvas

Mini Galaxy Mountain Scene, 2020 4x4in Oil on Canvas



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